Gazebo in Moscow reg.

Architect: Dmytro Kaleniuk
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
2014 y.

The garden pavilion had been created for a young family.

The construction is located in Moscow suburban ‘green’ area

The   goal   was:   crate  a  unique   and   light  construction which
combine the highest usability during whole year and original design.

The  solution is in using glass surfaces and transparent conception
which  allows  to  enjoy  warm  of  the fire place from the sofa area in
winter or summer time.

The roof design had been inspired by a tree’s leaf, which create
kind of bio design and make feeling of nature in the building.

This bio design conception and garden area all around is the best
combination  which  represent the union between modern humanity and the

– Metal frame
– Sliding doors systems
– Natural stone decoration around fire place
– Organic wood decoration (Larch) for the walls
– roof RHEINZINK-PATINA graphite-grey