Restaurant project

Architect: Dmytro Kaleniuk
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
2015 y.

Dmytro Kaleniuk did not want to make just “another” Asian restaurant with trivial decoration like Japanese/Chinese style patterns and furnitures. The goal was : make original, stylish, fashionable interior without the traditional Asian-style elements. The restaurant has circular shaped interior with large area of glazing. The bar is the center of attraction and other decoration elements like satellites around it.
I used the minimal set of materials: only metal, wood and glass, also I played with cool and warm lights for making special feeling of interior. The building already has own original design and I decided not hide it completely. That is why the ceiling decorated with wood and shaped grey metal. High contrast makes the ceiling look very unusual. Meanwhile, the racks at the entrance area make visitors feel comfortable. The open kitchen located near the couch zone, visitors can watch the cooking process. It makes a friendly and warm atmosphere, club style, exclusivity. Original Asian style figurines put in remembrance about travelling.
The idea did not come at once. I was trying to get rid of excess stuff. That is why I made the light and transparent shields around the glazing area which continue to the ceiling in trees’ branches style. Natural materials like stones, woods and glasses make positive thinking and involve more visitors.

Restaurant Project